Diego Menestrey

Diego Menestrey is examining the emergence and change of institutions in local water management in Okangwati.

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He was born (1981) and raised in Bogotá, Colombia. In 2001 he came to Germany to study aircraft construction and to become a pilot. But his interest in social dynamics and processes was greater than his affection to engineering and he decided to take up studies in Social and Cultural Anthropology, Sociology and Latin American Studies at the University of Hamburg in 2004. His first working experience in scientific research projects he gained within the duration of his studies when he worked at the project “Public Spaces and Violence in Central America” at the German Institute of Global and Area Studies in Hamburg. In the course of his studies Diego extended his regional focus to Southern Africa, as a student assistant for BIOTA-Africa and worked in the research project “Water Governance in the Context of Local Water Disputes” coordinated by the UNU-Bonn. Based on an empirical analysis within this project his MA thesis deals with institutions and conflicts in communal water management in North-West Namibia.

Working for LINGS Diego is pursuing his PhD with his research examining the emergence and change of institutions in local water management in Okangwati, North West Namibia. His work focuses on the interlinkages between witchcraft and the exercise of power in the context of water management. His fieldwork ended in 2012 and he will complete his dissertation in the end of 2014.


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