Theresa Linke

Theresa Linke is conducting a field research on water management and institutional change in Fransfontein.

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She was born 1979 in Berlin and discovered her interest for Social and Cultural Anthropology while working and travelling in Spain and Latin America after graduating from high school. She began her studies at the University of Hamburg in 2001.

From 2004 until 2008 Theresa participated in the interdisciplinary research project BIOTA-Southern Africa ( as a member of the research unit “The cultural dimension of biodiversity management”, headed by Prof. Dr. Hartmut Lang. Funded by BIOTA, she has conducted fieldwork in a rural community in Namaqualand (South Africa) over a period of nine months. Her research focused on land-use strategies, social networks and local ecological knowledge. Based on the data collected in Namaqualand, Theresa examined in her master thesis how the pastoral land management is embedded in the broader social and economical context of the community. In 2009 she received a master’s degree in Social and Cultural Anthropology, Journalism and Political Science.

Theresa’s research interests include ethnographic methods, especially social network analysis and ethnodemography, economic anthropology and the management of natural resources as well as social heterogeneity and the role of local elites. Within LINGS, she conducts field research on water management and institutional change in Fransfontein, Namibia.



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