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May 2017, Global Water Forum reports on Hamburg research project LINGS:


Global Water Forum just published an article "Social networks both help and hinder community-based water governance" that features our work in LINGS The article is based on the arguments presented in more detail in 

Schnegg, M. & Linke, T. “Living Institutions: Sharing and Sanctioning Water among Pastoralists in Namibia”. World Development 68. (2015): S. 205-214. open access




13-14 January, 2017 Richard Kiaka and Michael Schnegg “Who pays the Cost? Community-based resource management and environmental justice in northwest Namibia” presented at the workshop on “Shifting Bio-Cultural Frontiers, Reterritorialization and Global Entanglements in Conservation Areas of Southern and Eastern Africa” organized in Cologne, Germany, Institute of Social and Cultural Anthropology of University of Hamburg.








Schnegg, M. “Lost in Translation: State Policies and Micro-politics of Water Governance in Namibia”. Human Ecology 44. (2016): S. 245-255.




Bollig, M. & Olwage, E. “The political ecology of hunting in Namibia’s Kaokoveld: from Dorsland Trekkers’ elephant hunts to trophy-hunting in contemporary conservancies”. Journal of Contemporary African Studies (2016)




Schnegg, M & Linke, T. “Travelling Models of Participation: Global ideas and local translations of water management in Namibia”. International Journal of the Commons Vol. 10 (2016)




Schnegg, M., M. Bollig, & Th. Linke. “Moral equality and success of common-pool water governance in Namibia”. Ambio (2016): S. 581-590.




13-14 June, 2016: Michael Schnegg and Richard Kiaka, Presentation “Power to the people: Community-based resource management and environmental justice in Namibia.” presented t a workshop on "Institutions and Environmental Justice: Critical perspectives" organized in Oslo, Norway organized by Frances Cleaver , Tor Arve Benjaminsen and Jessica de Koning)








Schnegg, M. & M. Bollig. “Institutions put to the test:
Community-based water management in Namibia during a drought”. Journal of Arid Environments (2016): S. 62-71.




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Bollig, M., M. Schnegg and H.-P. Wotzka (eds.) 2013: Pastoralism in Africa. Past, present and future. New York/Oxford: Berghahn Books




Towards An Arid Eden? Boundary Making, Environmental Governance and Benefit Sharing in the “new Pastoral commons” of Kunene Region/Namibia. At the AAA Annual Meeting in Chicago "Future Publics, Current Engagements", 22.11.2013:
Michael Thomas Bollig (University of Cologne)


Global Ideas and Local Institutions of Pastoral Water Management in Namibia. At the AAA Annual Meeting in Chicago “Future Publics, Current Engagements", 22.11.2013:
Michael Schnegg (Universität of Hamburg)




On Counting Cows, Power and Institutional Change: Communal Water Management in the Kunene Region, North-Western Namibia 10th International Conference of the European Society for Ecological Economics, Lille, France. Jun 2013. Diego Menestrey Schwieger, Insitute of Cultural and Social Anthropology University of Cologne


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